Sally Metcalfe has a tremendous track record representing clients in cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, wrongful death, fraudulent transfer and construction cases. Some of her most significant cases include representing:

The family whose child was born with a severe brain injury caused during childbirth

The family of a woman who died after being given too much sedative during surgery

A man whose liver was damaged by a medication that was recalled by the FDA

A man who was run over by an 18-wheeler and
critically injured

A family whose home was contaminated with
mold after their insurance company refused
to investigate and pay for damage caused
by a leaking appliance

A man who was injured by a laser device
during a procedure to break up a kidney stone

A woman who was injured by a medical device

Residents of an apartment complex destroyed by fire

A woman who was attacked by dogs and suffered disfiguring injuries

A woman who suffered severe injuries when her doctor 
failed to diagnose her condition

A woman injured when a nursing home failed to
appropriately monitor her medications

A man who was severely injured when his vehicle was
hit by an 18-wheeler truck

A family whose home was constructed so poorly grass grew through the floor