Austin Product Liability Attorney
Product liability law holds the manufacturers or vendors of goods responsible for an injury caused by the defective products it has provided for sale.  The enforcement of this area of our practice has led to the recall of dangerous products as well as safer products being produced. What many people may not know is that safety improvements are often not implemented until the companies are faced with numerous product liability lawsuits.  Our law firm, based in Austin, Texas, represents clients who are suffering from a serious injury caused by a dangerous and defective product, and we have the experience necessary to fight against the large insurance companies that are often involved with these cases.  Along with dangerous and defective products, product liability may also include pharmaceutical product liability. 

Pharmaceutical Product Liability
There are more cases of injury and death from adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs in the U.S. than there are from illegal drugs.  The pharmaceutical companies who fail to notify the public, the FDA, and health care providers of the risks associated with their drugs can be held liable for the adverse reactions to their drugs under a legal theory known as “failure to warn.”  In most pharmaceutical product liability cases, we sue the pharmaceutical manufacturer and not the prescribing or treating physician.  We seek full and fair compensation for the injuries caused and the lifelong damages they can leave to individuals and their loved ones. Contact an attorney at The Metcalfe Law Firm for a free and confidential consultation.

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