Austin Construction Defects Attorney
Metcalfe Law represents homeowners dealing with construction defects. These defects may range from complex foundation and framing issues, which threaten the structural integrity of buildings, to aesthetic issues such as improperly painted surfaces and deteriorating wood. More common construction defects include roof leaks or cracks, window leaks, foundation cracks, and rotting wood.
     These issues can become a significant threat to an individual or family, as the investment in a home is as much an emotional investment as it is a financial investment. The potential for mold, roof collapse, or other damages can also lead to serious security and health risks.
     We rightfully expect sound building construction throughout the entire building process, and unfortunately in many cases construction companies sacrifice quality and cut corners in order to complete a project quickly. If you have been impacted by a construction defect, we want to help you. Call an attorney at Austin-based Metcalfe Law for a free and confidential consultation.